BLOG TOUR – 12th & Final Day

Today is the 12th and the final day of the $5 Family Fun Blog Tour. Many thanks to our final blogger Leslie of “Storeybook Reviews” for reviewing the e-book. If you are a self-proclaimed book junkie like she is, I recommend you check out her blog. She reviews a variety on genres.


Not only to Leslie, but as this blog tour comes to a close, thank you to the many bloggers who participated and introduced their followers to $5 Family Fun.  I hope everyone enjoys the e-book as much as I enjoyed the two years writing it.

$5 Family Fun e-Book Cover




$5 Family Fun – Spirit Games

Spirit Games – $4

Games – using household items, all are $0
  • Opening Ceremonies – create your own tournament torch using a leftover paper towel roll and aluminum foil for the flame. If you happen to have red, orange, or yellow tissue paper in the house, you can upgrade to a more colorful flame.
  • Three-Legged Race – partner up and use belts from the closet or rope from the garage to bind legs.
  • Individual Sprint – no props needed.
  • Relay Race – use leftover paper towel rolls as batons.
  • Egg Race – spoons from the kitchen and plastic eggs from your Easter decor.
  • Discus – if you have a Frisbee lying around the garage or backyard, this is all you need for a fun and competitive discus toss.
  • Closing Ceremonies/Medal Presentation – make medals out of aluminum foil and anything you have around the house to make a medal strap such as giftwrap ribbon or twine.

Olympic Spirit-Race Torches.jpg

Feast like a Champion – $4
After the closing ceremonies, go for the gold with these two snack ideas. Only microwave cooking and assembly required.

Olympic Spirit-Popcorn Torches.jpg

Popcorn Torch Treats – $2


  • Ice cream cones from the dollar store – $1
  • Microwave buttered popcorn from the dollar store – $1


  1. Microwave the popcorn according to package directions.
  2. Fill each ice cream cone with popcorn to create your torches.
Gold Medal Goodies
Gold Medal Goodies – $2
  • Vanilla sandwich cookies from the dollar store – $1
  • Candy rope or candy straws from the dollar store – $1
  1. Gently twist apart the two sides from each cookie sandwich to separate.
  2. Into the cream center of one half of the cookie, firmly press the candy ropes (but not so hard as to break the cookies).
  3. Top with the cookie’s other half and plate your gold medals.

Family Game Night…from $5 Family Fun

Family Game Night – $5  

I absolutely love that new TV show Hollywood Game Night and thought what a fun idea to entertain the family during holiday break.  Here are some entertaining and affordable ideas for a Family Game Night…$5 Family Fun-style.   

Games – $1

Buy a deck of cards from the dollar store for $1.  There are several games you can play but an easy one for young kids to play is Go Fish!  If you’re unfamiliar with the rules (of if you need a refresher), here is a link to directions of how to play: 

Two other great game options are Charades and Pictionary.  Since you’d be utilizing paper and pens already in the house, these would not cost a penny.  Here are basic rules for both: 

  • If only 3 people, have one charade actor/pictionary artist designated to act out or draw the words or phrases for both of the other players.  If at least two separate players of each team, rotate turns acting out or drawing.
  • You must not speak or make sounds when you are acting out your charade or drawing.
  • Agree upon a time limit, usually 5 seconds to study the word or phrase and then about one minute to act or draw.
  • Also agree on a time limit to guess the correct answers.
  • The team with the most correct wins the game.

Here are some links to Charade and Pictionary words and phrases:

Another game option would be to pick up board game from a yard sale for $1.


Grub – $4

All that competitive play can make your crew hungry.  Serve up some easy to make Domino Brownies.  You can also let the family share in on the fun of decorating them.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need (ingredient needs may vary but these are based on the brownie mix I purchased):

  • Brownie Mix from the dollar store – $1
  • 1 Egg – I purchased a ½ dozen of eggs at the grocery store for $0.99
  • Vegetable Oil from the dollar store – $1
  • White Icing from the dollar store – $1


Make the brownies according to package directions.  Once cooled, cut into rectangles.  Fill a zip top baggie you have in the kitchen with the white icing.  Close and them snip bit off of one of the bottom corners of the baggie.  Use this as your pastry bag to pipe out lines and dots to turn your brownie rectangles into delicious dominos.