Valentine’s Choo-Choo…from $5 Family Fun

Valentine’s Choo-Choo – $3

This Valentine’s Day, create a sweet treat in the kitchen with your little engineers…for less than $5.    This cooking-free Valentine’s Choo-Choo Train is almost as fun to make as it is to eat.

Valentine Choo-Choo pic


  • Strawberry Wafer Cookies from the dollar store – $1
  • White Icing from the dollar store – $1
  • Berry-Flavored Gummy Lifesavers from the dollar store – $1
  • Household baggie from the kitchen – $0


  1. Take 5 wafer cookies and trim with a knife as necessary – 2 pieces to create the body of the train, 2 pieces to create the cab of the train & 1 piece (the shortest) to put on top of the cab for a more finished look.
  2. Fill the baggie with icing, seal and then cut the corner off one of the bottom corners to turn the baggie into a pastry bag.
  3. Apply icing to hold the wafer cookies together.
  4. Use icing to hold together and apply gummy lifesaver decorations making the boiler and wheels.

Happy Valentine’s Day from $5 Family Fun!