Fore!…from $5 Family Fun

Fore! – $3.34  

Memorial Day weekend upon us so don’t just put around the house…play Putt Putt!  Bring the greens to your own yard this summer with a homemade mini golf course that you and the kids are certain to enjoy.  This could also be a fun idea to do inside on a rainy afternoon.

Here’s the supplies you’ll need:

  • Ping Pong Balls (from the dollar store) – $1
  • 2 Oak Dowels for golf club handles ($1.17 each at the hardware store) – $2.34
  • Recycled small empty boxes for club heads (I used empty snack-size raisin boxes) – $0
  • For the actual mini golf course….household items and your imagination – $0

I recommend using ping pong balls verses an actual golf ball because you’ll need a lighter ball like this if you’re going to be hitting it with an empty box as you’re golf club head.  An actual golf ball would be too heavy.  Also depending on the size of your family, you will likely have to share the two clubs but that’s okay as only one person will be putting at a time anyway.

To make the course, what you have around your house differs from what I have in mine so walk around your house, yard and garage to see what might work.  Below are some examples of what I found around ours.


  • Legos
  • Step Stools
  • Garden Pinwheels (I removed one of the pinwheel’s “wheels” so on a windy day, we can try to shoot the ball through the opening as it is spinning)
  • Tubes


  • Garden Hose
  • Jump Rope
  • Garden Racks
  • Brooms


  • Plastic or Paper Cups

Mini Golf 1 with text

Depending on how many supplies you can find around the house will determine if you can make a 9-hole or 18-hole course.

If you’ve never played mini golf before (or it’s been awhile and need a refresher), here are the official rules on how to play according to the World Minigolf Sports Federation:  The most important rule of all though is to have fun!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend from $5 Family Fun!