Egg-cellent Fun…from $5 Family Fun

Egg-cellent Fun – $5

The kids will have egg-cellent fun getting their hands (and clothes) a little dirty with these fun and simple Easter craft projects.  Not only will both projects keep your youngsters busy and entertained for a couple of hours, but you can also do these both combined for just $5.

Marbleized Eggs – $4

These marbleized eggs are both pretty and pretty easy to make.  Plan ahead though as this project needs to sit overnight.  Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Dozen Eggs (generic brand) – $2 from grocery store
  • Shaving Crème – $1 from dollar store
  • Liquid Food Coloring (4-pack of red, green, blue & yellow) – $1 from dollar store

Marble Eggs Finished

Boil eggs in a slow rolling boil for 10 minutes until hard boiled.  Immediate drain hot water off eggs cool down eggs with a combination of cold water and ice.

Fill a cooking dish with a thin layer of shaving crème.  Place drops of food coloring in a variety of colors mixtures into the shaving crème and then swirl the colors into the shaving crème with a toothpick or skewer.  Make sure you are using liquid food coloring and not gel food coloring.  Also, the more expensive brands of food coloring have a blended color guide on the back of the box.  Since my dollar store box did not, here is how to make a few additional colors from the standard four that come in the box:

  • Purple – 3 red drops + 2 blue drops
  • Lime Green – 3 yellow drops + 1 green drop
  • Orange – 2 red drops + 3 yellow drops
  • Sea Green – 1 yellow drop + 2 blue drops
  • Peach – 1 red drop + 2 yellow drops

Marble Eggs Steps Collage

With kitchen tongs, roll the now cooled and dried eggs in the streaked shaving crème until thoroughly covered on all sides.  Place on a wire cake cooling rack.  If you don’t have one, use a sheet of wax paper or foil.  I would dump my color streaked shaving crème out and start fresh so I could have a variety of color combinations for my eggs.

Let finished eggs dry overnight and then wipe off remaining shaving crème the next day with a paper towel.  Handle with care though as color from the food coloring can wear off slightly onto your hands.


TP Bunnies – $1

Recycle empty toilet paper rolls to create these cute little TP Bunnies.  Because we used existing household items of scissors, scotch tape and pen/marker, the only item that had to be purchased was an acrylic paint set from the dollar store.

Let your little Easter artists paint their own bunny by mixing colors and have fun with the paint.  Make sure they are wearing play clothes that’s okay if they get some paint on them and also lay old newspapers down to avoid getting paint on your table.

TP Easter Bunnies

Some of the toilet paper rolls were cut up to create bunny ears, which were then taped to in inside the rolls.  After your paint has dried, draw little faces on your bunnies with a pen or marker.

Have an Egg-cellent Easter from $5 Family Fun!