Olympic Spirit…by $5 Family Fun

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are just around the corner.  While they are on the air February 7th – 23rd, invite friends over to join your family for a watch party as well as enjoy your own Olympic games, all for around $5. 

Games can include:  

  • Opening Ceremonies – create your own Olympic torch utilizing a leftover paper towel roll & aluminum foil for the flame.  If you happen to have red, orange or yellow tissue paper in the house, you can upgrade to a more colorful flame.  Household items – $0
  • 3 Leg Race – partner up and use belts from the closet or rope from the garage to bind legs.  Household items – $0
  • Individual Sprint – no props needed.  $0
  • Relay Race – use leftover paper towel rolls as batons.  Household items – $0
  • Egg Race – spoons from the kitchen & plastic eggs from your Easter decor.  Household items – $0
  • Discus – if you have a Frisbee lying around the garage or backyard, this is all you need for a fun and competitive discus toss.  Household items – $0
  • Closing Ceremonies/Medal Presentation – make medals out of aluminum foil and anything you have around the house to make a medal strap such as giftwrap ribbon or twine.  Household items – $0

 collage 2

After the closing ceremonies, go for the gold with one these fun snacks.  (To do both snacks would bust our $5 budget with a $5.38 total)

  • Option #1 Olympic Torch Treats – $2.59  Fill generic brand ice cream cones from the grocery store ($1.59) with microwave buttered popcorn from the dollar store ($1).  
  • Option #2 Olympic Ring Cookies $2.79  Smooth white icing ($1) on top of packaged cookies ($1) & them top with blue, brown, red, yellow and green M&Ms ($0.79) to represent the colored Olympic Rings.  All three items were dollar store finds. 

Use these fun and thrifty suggestions to throw your own Olympic watch party and your judges are sure to give you all 10s.

Total Cost: $2.59 – $2.79