New Year’s Eve Bash…from $5 Family Fun

New Year’s Eve party for you and the kids for $5?  Yes!  Here are some fun and festive ideas to ring in 2014.

Since the real celebration happens after the kids go to bed, celebrate with the kids at noon.  That way they get to count down to 12:00, it’s just p.m. instead of a.m.

Here’s how I spent my five dollars.  I got all five items for $1 each at the dollar store:

  • Crème Filled Chocolate Cookies
  • White Icing
  • Construction Paper
  • Balloons
  • Party Noise Makers

Countdown Clock Cookies

Crème Filled Clock Cookies

Pull out 12 cookies from the package for your clock.  Then fill a baggie with the white icing to act as a pastry bag.  Clip of a very small amount from one of the bottom corners of the baggie and write numbers 1 through 12 in icing on the top of each cookie.

Next, find a round plate or serving tray.  If your serving tray had a print or theme like mine did (it had a Christmas theme), then cover it with aluminum foil.  Place the cookies around the tray in the correct clock positions and then use the remaining icing to make the clock hands.

Party Supplies


Time to Celebrate

Blow up the balloons and using a marker you have around the house, write numbers 1 through 12 on the balloons.  Either have them covering the floor or do a balloon drop at noon using either a sheet or trash bag.

Use the construction paper to make confetti for everyone to toss at the end of the countdown.  I used a paper shredder but you can also use a hole punch if you have one.  Make sure everyone has a noise maker to blow at noon too.

Family Time Capsule

A fun activity that the whole family can participate in is making a time capsule.  Find an empty shoe box from the closet and cover on the outside with some of your construction paper.  Write something on the top such as “Spicer Family Time Capsule – December 31, 2013.  DO NOT open until December 31, 2023!”

Here are some suggestions on what you can fill your time capsule with:

  • Front page of newspaper to reflect the date
  • A picture of each family member from the past year or a group photo if you have one – I used our Christmas card
  • Have the kids draw a picture of their favorite memory from the past year
  • Party items from your New Year’s Eve celebration
  • Include a list of how things are in 2013 such as: current prices of commonly purchased items (a gallon of gas, loaf of bread and gallon of milk), who is the current president & vice president, what and who are popular TV shows, movies & stars, what your kids’ favorite toys are, what your kids want to be when they grow up, what is your kids’ favorite thing about the age they currently are, who is your kids’ best friend(s) name(s), who is your kids’ teacher, etc.

It will be such fun for both you and the kids to look back in five or ten years and see how your lives have changed.

Total Cost: $5

Happy 2014 from $5 Family Fun!!!



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