The Great Indoors – from $5 Family Fun

The Great Indoors – $4

 Baby, it’s cold outside!  It is 34 degrees outside today where I live so I’m thinking of indoor activities to do on a chilly day.  Indoor camping is always fun for kids of all ages (indoor picnics too but that’s for another post). 

Indoor Tent – $0

Grab flat sheets and blankets from the linen closet and drape over household chairs and other furniture to make an instant tent.  Be sure to make it big enough for the whole family to crawl into.  Use pillows from the couch or bed to make your space comfy cozy.  Lastly, grab flashlights or LED candles from around the house to illuminate your space and dim the overhead lights to create a true camping atmosphere. For safety reasons, do no use real candles or any open flame in or around your tent. 

 Indoor Camping Tent

From inside your cotton covered fortress, watch TV, tell ghosts stories or just hang out.  You can also drag in sleeping bags or make a pallet of blankets and sleep in your tent overnight. 

If you have a fireplace in your home, build your tent close by (but not too close for safety reasons) for additional ambiance.   

Campfire “Ovenfire” S’mores – $4

What camping experience would be complete without s’mores?  If you have a fireplace, you can always go the traditional route but oven s’mores are a great alternative. 



1.       Graham Crackers (generic brand) – $2

2.       Jumbo Marshmallows (from dollar store) – $1

3.       Hershey bar broken into squares of two or I found individually wrapped chocolate squares specifically for s’mores (from dollar store) – $1

Lay 6 graham crackers on a baking sheet and place a jumbo marshmallow on each.  Place under the broiler until golden brown.  My broiler has a low and high setting (I selected low) but not all broilers do so just keep a close eye on them.  I took the s’mores out and then rolled each marshmallow over so I could brown the other side.  Repeat until this side is also golden brown. 


When done, remove the baking sheet from the broiler and place a piece of chocolate on top of each and then finish with a second graham cracker.  Smoosh it all together and enjoy while your marshmallow is still ooey and gooey. 

 S'mores3 S'mores4

Happy camping!!!

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